Trevor Thalacker

Semi-full stack. Prefers HTML, Typescript, CSS. Dev at @dothq. Dev at @Fivnex. Avid Linux user


About AwesomeTech10

awesometech10:~ awesometech10$ whoami


I am AwesomeTech10. I am a programmer.

More Information

No… really… I am a programmer, I am interested in the Internet, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and tech.

I like Windows and Linux. I really dislike Apple (a long story, but avaliable on my WordPress blog TheTechBlogger

What I do

  • I program
  • I program mostly in Javascript, HTML, and Web Languages.
  • I’m trying to program an operating system called Electricity
  • As well as program a web browser called Sydney

Support or Contact

Need help on something I work on? Well, good luck with that, because I work on so many things, and 99% of them will never get finished. But, look at my Github Page and see if you can find the project.

If it’s this website, use the issue tracker on Github

Other than that, find me on Discord as AwesomeTech10 (@AwesomeTech10#0447), or email me